MDI Investments, Inc. helps companies grow profits while mitigating risks. MDI creates solutions from each clients opportunities and risk parameters. Our investment banking, capital market and sales experience brings a wide and deep network of professional expertise to bear. MDI professionals have a solid track record helping fintechs, banks and investors with strategy, business development, debt and equity negotiation and merger / acquisitions. Learn more …


Fintech Partnerships

Our analytical team develops options fintechs, investors and financial institutions looking to increase consumer base, gain recognition and provide more functionality to users

M&A and Divestiture

Our proactive approach delivers focused results. We build strong relationships by providing ongoing advice, education and financial data on potential partners so we can anticipate opportunities that are tailor-made for our clients.

Business Valuations

We are strategic advisors who value assets as well as everyone’s time. Our dedicated team works closely with clients during the due diligence process, delivering the right information for making strategic decisions in a timely manner.

Capital Initiatives

We have a long history of working with registered broker-dealers to raise substantial capital for public and private companies during various market cycles. With knowledge in small and micro-cap markets, we provide clients with access to the right investors. Alternatively we offer coaching and introductory services to accredited investors, family offices and qualified institutional buyers for client who prefer to structure and negotiate their own transactions.

Client Feedback

"Mike's team has been an important source of insight and advice during our formative years and was essential in Nicolet obtaining the necessary capital for the bank's growth."

Bob Atwell,
CEO, Nicolet National Bank