MDI Investments, Inc. helps small and medium-sized financial institutions grow and better serve customers. From finding the best strategic partners to developing strategies to raise capital, MDI Investments serves as a trusted advisor, combining the expertise of management consulting with that of a boutique investment bank. MDI professionals have a solid track record helping community banks increase capital and complete transactions⎯even in difficult markets. The best time to explore opportunities can be during the most challenging of economic times. Learn more …


M&A and Divestiture

Our proactive approach delivers focused results. We build strong relationships by providing ongoing advice, education and financial data on potential partners so we can anticipate opportunities that are tailor-made for our clients.

Business Valuations

We are strategic advisors who value assets as well as everyone’s time. Our dedicated team works closely with clients during the due diligence process, delivering the right information for making strategic decisions in a timely manner.

Financial Restructuring

Our analytical team develops options for restructuring and asset disposition that will increase the profitability, liquidity or credit scoring of an institution.

Capital Initiatives

We have a long history of working with registered broker-dealers to raise substantial capital for public and private companies during various market cycles. With knowledge in small and micro-cap markets, we provide clients with access to the right investors.

Client Feedback

"When we went looking in the Midwest for a community banking expert to help us find a viable bank to invest in, we were fortuitously introduced to Michael Iannaccone and MDI Investments. He has been able to provide us with crucial analysis and counsel across a spectrum of relevant issues ranging from restructuring the balance sheet --to finding capital -- to interacting with the Regulatory Community -- to appropriate transaction structures. His expertise in the community banking space has far exceeded our expectations."

Robert Martin
NNE Capital