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Who We Are 

Who We AreCommunity banks play an important role in communities across the country, and the experts at MDI Investments are passionate about helping these institutions thrive. We achieve this by identifying risk and opportunity. MDI Investments focuses specifically on mergers and acquisitions, business valuations, financial restructuring and capital initiatives.

MDI Investments professionals have a long history of raising substantial capital for public and private institutions through multiple business cycles. Team members have a solid track record of completing deals in challenging markets and economic environments. MDI Investments works with clients through every step of a potential transaction – from conception to completion.

MDI Investments is affiliated with, and clears all securities through, Tangent Capital Partners, LLC, a broker-dealer registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Insurance Protection Corporation (SIPC). Please visit www.TangentCapital.com for more information.

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Our Business Model

Tapping a variety of resources, MDI Investments puts together a specialized team for each client or project. By building the team with the right, targeted resources, our clients will receive objective advice and a personally structured solution that won’t break the budget. Our professional skills include:

CustomizationDue Diligence Review & Analysis — Our capabilities include evaluating the viability of an existing or prospective business. MDI’s professional team will identify and quantify operational or structural issues and risks that are critical to a client’s decision to move forward with a transaction. Our due diligence strategy is efficient and cost effective. We focus on tackling the biggest risks first, to make sure there are no major surprises along the way.

Distressed Asset Market Review — We can provide review and analysis of the market for distressed assets and its impact on your portfolio. This analysis is crucial to creating capital and performance solutions. Our growing bid database (and access to other similar databases) of assets previously for sale or sold allows us to compare your distressed assets to similar assets that have already received bids or were sold.

Purchase Accounting Analysis — We work with seasoned accounting professionals who synthesize the results from the loan review, loan sale market analysis, due diligence review and franchise pricing to determine the mark against equity for a potential buyer or “change of control” investor.

Solutions for Survival — Whether your institution is in need of capital, talent, new business lines or asset disposition and downsizing, MDI Investments and its network of professionals will create a customized solution that harnesses your company's strengths, reduces weaknesses and finds complementary resources to bolster your team.

Capital Initiatives — MDI Investments maintains a databse of financial institutional investors. It actively manages this database to track investors for viability, cash liquidity that’s available for investment and investment criteria. Based on your company's needs and parameters, we screen our database for a match. We can then efficiently initiate an inquiry and start negotiations.

Reviews include:

  • Developing appropriate financial modeling and forecasting
  • Evaluating process and funding management concerns
  • Vetting distribution and logistic challenges
  • Communicating underwriting practices
  • Analyzing a company’s sales and marketing program
  • Evaluating management’s capabilities and effectiveness
  • Diagnosing integration issues
  • Assessing corporate governance performance
  • Reviewing policies, procedures and practices

Loan Review – We provide banking advisory services, including reviews of:

  • Credit analysis
  • Loan loss reserve methodology and validation
  • Credit risk rating systems
  • Credit database creation and analysis
  • Portfolio stress testing
  • Portfolio acquisition review
  • Loan policy maintenance
  • Problem loan management
  • Loan and credit workshops and seminars

Loan Workout Advice — We can provide review and analysis of secured and unsecured loans for allowance for loan losses and classified asset provisioning and resolution. Each assignment includes expert written analysis for the credit file, which can also serve as the primary reference documents for bank regulatory authorities, auditors and executive management.

Our professionals are accomplished loan workout and bank turn-around specialists as well as seasoned commercial lenders, with substantial banking experience focused on real estate loan workout and bank turn-around work.

Real Estate Appraisal — We have access to commercial and business property evaluation services. These services determine valuation for a variety of needs including finance, insurance, taxation, construction, development, property sales and investments.

Compliance Reviews — Our team members deliver regulatory compliance and due diligence services to banks and mortgage lenders. We also provide operational risk management services including project management and consultation services.

Mortgage Banking and Origination — Our seasoned professionals have strong track records in the mortgage banking industry originating mortgages and selling them to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Housing Administration.

Auditing & Opinion Letters — We work with professionals in audit and tax consulting who specialize in financial services, providing an array of accounting services.

Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) and Collateralized Mortgage-Backed Obligation (CMO) Analysis — Team members have delivered CDO/CMO analysis to some of the largest structured product investors in the market, including private equity firms and U.S. government agencies. The data systems have individual mortgage data on residential mortgage-backed securities and Alt-A pools issued since1983.

Experience includes advising clients on the valuation and balance sheet exposure of various portfolios of corporate receivables and asset-backed securities, including whole loans, CDOs, and mortgage-backed securities. These professionals also have assisted clients with restructuring existing structured product transactions.

Fixed Income Securities Analysis & Trading — We utilize experienced investment strategists at leading broker-dealers who use proprietary modeling and analysis. Their work is used for evaluating leveraged transactions, branch deposit acquisitions, certain tax considerations, preferred stocks, callable securities, ARMs, other mortgage products and Small Business Administration products.

Banking and Regulatory Legal Counsel — We work with lawyers whose practices cover all relevant work in public and private capital-raising transactions, corporate reorganizations and restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, preparation of federal securities reports, federal and state securities compliance matters, the full range of bank regulatory issues and general corporate law.

The attorneys with whom we work also advise private investors, including private equity funds and hedge funds, on investing in financial institutions. They have extensive experience with proxy contests and matters concerning shareholder relations as well as corporate governance, including compliance with the provisions of Sarbanes-Oxley.

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Our Management

Michael IannaconeMichael Iannaccone
President & Managing Partner

Mike has spent his entire professional career working with financial institutions as an investment banker or equity research analyst. Banking is his passion, and he is dedicated to helping community banks thrive. Mike strongly believes that communities flourish when their banks are successful. 

Mike has led numerous engagements relating to mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and capital offerings. Previous employers include Performance Trust Capital Partners, Howe Barnes, Fox Pitt Kelton, Keefe Bruyette and Woods and Adams Cohen Securities, all boutique investment banking firms specializing in the financial services industry. Early in his career, he worked for a community bank and for Citibank in a regional office. He graduated from Saint John’s University of New York with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and earned an MBA from Kellogg’s Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

A Message from MDI’s President 

“MDI’s business philosophy can be summed up this way:  we care deeply about the success of our clients,” said Mike Iannaccone. “We demonstrate our dedication by delivering personalized service, handling all client requests with a sense of urgency and producing results. We may go light on the sugar and spice, but our clients appreciate our willingness to be candid and convey straight-forward answers,” he continued. “We provide our clients with focus and execution, not ‘a deal of the week’ service. We will not be locked into the standard view. Our team offers terrific problem-solving skills that lead to creative solutions during years of exceptional growth as well as turbulent times. We’re in this business to build satisfying, productive, long-term relationships…with you. ”  Michael

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