MDI Investments works proactively with clients to anticipate and solve problems. Our specific services are:

Fintech Partnerships

Extensive management experience in Capital Markets, Investment Banking, and Sales allows MDI to provide in-depth product knowledge which spans Residential and Consumer Loan Markets, Asset-Backed Securities, Finance, and Financial Regulations. Our broad network of senior relationships and research o9f the fintech space allows us to quickly make introductions to key executives interested in high performance outcomes.

Housing Finance Products

  • Home Equity Investment contracts and Home Appreciation contracts

Loan Products

  • Consumer unsecured
  • Student Loans
  • Single Family Residential 1st lien non cash-flow loans


  • Single Family Rental
  • Rent to Own

A La Carte M&A services - any service can be purchased alone or grouped together

Sourcing — Our breadth and depth of the industry allows for a unique approach to finding the intersection or compliment of resources need for our client.
Due Diligence Review & Analysis - Our capabilities include evaluating the viability of an existing or prospective business. MDI’s professional team will identify and quantify operational or structural issues and risks that are critical to a client’s decision to move forward with a transaction. We will also develop appropriate financial modeling and forecasting.

Negotiations — Our professionals have negotiated hundreds of M&A transactions ud=sing honed negotiation skills and tactics to achieve our clients goals

Structure — Whether it is a standard transaction or one that needs creativity to achieve its goals, MDI' professionals are able to serve our clients. Our relationship with senior banking regulators allows us insights and preliminary comments on proposed structure.

Business Valuations — MDI professionals have a variety of backgrounds in operations, strategic marketing, management, corporate finance and equity research, all of which are used to comprise the best valuation to meet our clients goals.

Single Family Mortgage Lending — MDI Investment has affiliated with several mortgage banking companies and divisions of other banks to provide assistance in marketing, originating, processing and selling your loans in the secondary market.

Commercial Lending — MDI Investment has affiliated with several Accounts Receivable Financing companies (Factorers) including Franklin Capital Network and Prairie Business Credit. Both offer an A/B note structure whereby the finance company assists the bank in originating and monitoring account receivable loan while also reducing the bank's risks and exposure. We can focus on your bank's current customer base or help you in attracting new customers.

Customer Acquisition Service — MDI Investments has affiliated with Crest Communications, a recognized and proven marketing/communications firm with over 30 years experience working with dozens of financial clients. Through a proven service we call, Optimal Positioning, Crest will show you how your bank can profit from a unique system of social media marketing tailored to expand your customer base without brick and mortar. We will show you how to increase franchise value at a lower cost, with lower risk and with better results than alternative methods. Learn more >>

Money Market Deposits — MDI Investments has affiliated with Stone Castle Partners to offer their Federally Insured Cash Account (FICA) deposit product. For qualifying financial institutions we will direct money-market deposits (up to 3.00% of total deposits) to your institution. This requires no additional work, no systems integration and no special processes. Learn more >>

M&A and Divestiture—Our proactive approach delivers focused results.   By building strong relationships with ongoing advice, education and assistance and maintaining financial data on potential partners, we anticipate opportunities that are tailor-made for our clients. We never provide a “deal of the week” service.

Financial Restructuring—Our analytical team develops options for restructuring and asset disposition that will increase the profitability, liquidity or credit scoring of an institution. 

Capital Initiatives—We help public and private companies find ways to increase capital during various market cycles. With knowledge and expertise, we provide clients with access to the right investors. MDI Investments maintains a database of financial institution investors. It actively manages this database to track investors for viability, cash liquidity and investment criteria. Based on the company's needs and paramenters, we screen our database for a match. We can then efficiently initiate an inquiry and start negotiations.

MDI Investments' clients receive:

  • Access – MDI has relationships with many money managers and individuals, including hedge funds, family offices, private equity firms, venture firms and other investors.
  • Focus -- MDI analyzes and targets the institutions most likely to participate in your transaction, as opposed to an unfocused campaign that wastes management’s time.
  • Knowledge – MDI puts in the necessary effort to understand your business and prospects, allowing us to deliver your story to investment clients and identify the right strategic partners. Our sales team possesses a unique array of knowledge and expertise in the small and micro cap markets. In our due diligence process, we typically involve and assist our clients with long-term planning including:
    • Assisting the company in preparing financial models, business plans, presentations and benchmarking reports for both internal and external constituencies, including potential equity investors and partners.
    • Providing strategic financial and operational advice and analysis, including identifying, screening, analyzing and ranking potential transaction partners and, on behalf of the company, contacting such potential parties.
    • Advising and assisting the company in discussions with lenders regarding debt facilities.
    • Providing coaching to improve the company’s presentations in dealing with the investor communitytext, regulators and other stakeholders.
  • Solutions – MDI creates viable solutions that conform to regulatory parameters while also achieving results.