Our Professional Network

AffiliatesMDI Investments works closely with other skilled financial and related industry teams. When hiring MDI, clients also have access to our preferred providers of other professional services. Tapping a variety of resources, MDI puts together a unique team for each client. 

For more information on the companies listed below, contact us at MDI Investments.


Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal LLP
Mark I. Sokolow, Partner

Mr. Sokolow is a member of Sonnenschein’s Corporate Practice with a specialty in advising banks and thrifts. For more information go to: www.sonnenschein.com


RS McGladrey Inc.
Daniel W. Trigg, Partner

Mr. Trigg is a partner in the financial service practice of RS McGladrey, offering accounting and tax to specialized risk management and consulting services for banks and savings institutions, trust organizations, credit unions, mortgage companies and finance and leasing companies.
For more information, go to: www.rsmmcgladrey.com

Capital Markets

Tangent Capital Partners, LLC
Bob Rice, Managing Partner

Mr. Rice is managing partner of Tangent Capital Partners, LLC. Tangent Capital, founded in 2004 by Bob Rice and Jim Peet, provides financing solutions to middle market companies. The company develops and executes capital-raising solutions that reflect a company's overall situation, not just short-term needs. Tangent Capital is a registered broker-dealer and member, FDIC and SIPC. For more information, go to: www.tangentcapital.com/team/rice.html.

Compliance Review

CrossCheck Compliance
Jim Jorgensen,
President & CEO

Mr. Jorgensen is president of CrossCheck Compliance, a professional services firm providing regulatory compliance, loan review, and internal audit services to financial institutions and mortgage lenders. For more information, go to:

FDIC Share-Loss Accounting & Compliance

Deloitte’s cross-functional services can help financial institutions prepare for and execute an Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)-assisted acquisition — from the strategic level to the most technical issue.
Deloitte services and products include:

  • Assistance with the FDIC bidding process and developing target lists
  • Pre- and post-acquisition due diligence
  • Assisting on modeling FDIC-assisted deals
  • Tax issues
  • Valuation assistance
  • Ongoing accounting advice and assistance
  • Integration
  • LDC Suite™ software for SOP 03-3 (as codified in ASC 310-30) and FDIC loss share reporting
  • Tax Analysis and Information Reporting for Distressed Debt Investments (TARDI)

For more information about Deloitte and these services, click here: www.deloitte.com

Loan Review & Workouts

Bank Advisors Ltd.

Bank Advisors, Ltd. (“BA”) is a boutique community bank consulting firm formed in 2003 by John Cresto. The firm provides workout and advisory services to local community banks. Client services include: loan workout, regulatory compliance, asset sale and disposition, due diligence of loan portfolios and write-ups of classified asset action plans. For more information, go to www.bankadvisorsltd.com.

Marketing Communications & Message Development

Crest Communications
Robert Vorel, CEO

is a full service Advertising and Marketing Agency established in 1978, headquartered in Oak Brook, IL. The company specializes in integrated communications (branding, print, outdoor, merchandising, broadcast, direct mail, digital and social media) for clients in the financial, music, real estate, restaurant, B2B, healthcare and retail industries. Visit www.crestci.com for more information. Contact: CEO Robert Vorel at 630-916-2060, ext 15 or visit www.crestci.com.

Behof Business Communication and Training, LLC
Kitty Behof, Managing Principal

Ms. Behof, who specializes in the financial services industry, has worked closely with the “C Suite” for 15 years, helping executives convey their vision through persuasive messaging and content. She also designs and executes training sessions to improve presentation, media and business writing skills. Prior to working in corporate and marketing communications, Ms. Behof was an award-winning business correspondent for CNN’s Chicago bureau and business correspondent with Business Week magazine. For more information, go to www.kittybehof.com.

Real Estate Appraisals

LaSalle Commercial Appraisal Management
George Sikorski, President, MAI

Mr. Sikorski is president of LaSalle Commercial Appraisal Management, which provides commercial property appraisal review services for lenders. All of the company’s appraisers have at least 20 years of experience in the field. For more information, go to: lasallecommercialappraisalmanagement.com

Disclaimer: the use of the word “network” on this web site has no legal meaning or intent, and simply refers to the willingness of the companies listed to work with MDI Investments on engagements, when appropriate.