Social media marketing.
Why your bank can bank on it.

Mahogany desks and teller windows are being replaced by notebooks and smart phones. Which means your bank’s branding has to be created by more than bricks and mortar.

Social Media Marketing.It’s time to get with it.

Your brand needs to be built, maintained and communicated in ways that relate to how people want to experience banking today. They want 24/7 access to information. They want to open an account by going online. They don’t want to physically visit their bank. Which means your internal bank environment and culture can’t be experienced as before. It’s now a matter of speed, convenience and value.

Therefore, you need a marketing firm that specializes in two areas: The financial industry and social media.

Enter Crest Communications, an affiliate of MDI Investments.

As a marketing firm with over 30 years experience working with dozens of financial clients, we at Crest will show you how to expand your customer base through a unique system that includes social media in your marketing mix. We call it Optimal Positioning. Our Social Media System is based on branding.

Changed consumer habits means that the perceived value of your bank needs to register with the consumer in new ways. That’s why we’ll implement your social media communications without compromising or ignoring your bank’s brand identity. That’s the distinctive difference with our social media marketing approach.

Social Media Marketing.A strategy that’s always updated.

What’s more, our franchise-building plan is organic. That is, it can be adjusted in real time to capitalize on new situations in the marketplace. It also can adjust to accommodate your niche markets. And to achieve ongoing search engine optimization, we’ll apply the latest technologies and techniques to implement our unique system for your bank.

Measured results.

One other thing. With Optimal Positioning, you get accountability. Which means we’ll measure the effectiveness of every communication, whether it’s a comment on Facebook, video on YouTube, content for a landing page or concept for a digital ad. That way, these all working in tandem will optimize the results at minimum cost.

Rapid growth of persona and franchise value.

Why not contact Michael Iannaccone at MDI Investments and make an appointment to see a presentation that divulges the full story? Chances are, you’ll conclude that in today’s banking climate, it makes sense to be able to reach every customer in a new, cost effective way.